Jeremy Kyle is a dance and portrait photographer 
currently based in new york city.
A lifelong artist of all sorts, Jeremy has a penchant for creative application of knowledge across disciplines.  As a ballet dancer himself, performing among top-level artists in New York, he has a high-level understanding of the visual art form and its distinctive, polished aesthetic.  

As a result, he is uniquely equipped to create high-caliber dance portfolios for serious ballet students, working professionals, and commercial dance apparel companies.

Jeremy has worked with prominent ballet schools, principal dancers, and dancewear brands, and his work has been featured in Dance and Pointe magazines.
"I strive to create  powerful images that stand out in their remarkable clarity and striking individuality.

I enjoy working with people to develop a personalized aesthetic vision for both dance and portrait sessions.  I want to depict not just what you look like, but who you are!

As a trained ballet dancer and multi-disciplinary artist, I have the knowledge and vocabulary to help you look your absolute best."​​​​​​​
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