Hosting exclusive audition photoshoots at your ballet school or dance studio can have a lasting positive impact—both on students and on the organization as a whole.  Continue reading to learn about the numerous benefits.
Benefits to your students:​​​​​​​
Students with professional audition photos stand out during audition season, in both virtual and live audition settings.​​​​​​​
As a trained ballet dancer, I can both identify and emphasize individual strengths in each student's technique and line.  My coaching ability is just as important as my photographic expertise.

Students save significant time and money due to group discounts and ease of access.  No need to travel out of state just for high quality audition photos.
Benefits to your school:​​​​​​​

Adds to the prestige of your school to offer in-house professional audition photography for your students.

A strong portfolio sets your students apart as they compete for coveted summer intensive scholarships and company positions.

Includes the opportunity to book a heavily discounted promotional shoot for your school.  You, your staff, and your students have worked incredibly hard—time to show that off!
What they are:
My audition photoshoots utilize a studio backdrop with clean, clear-cut lighting, intended to emphasize the technical strengths and personality of each student.  (See Studio Gallery) Session lengths are as follows:
          • 30 minutes – Mini session
          • 1 hour – Basic Portfolio
          • 1.5 hours – Basic Portolio Plus
          • 2 hours – Full Portfolio

We will work together to pre-determine a shooting location in your facility that works for both of us, as well as a time frame given the estimated number of time slots.
The Price:
Hosted audition shoots can be done at little to no cost to your school or studio.  Generally, shoots are paid for by students on an individual basis. However, with multiple shoots back-to-back, I can offer significant group rate discounts—saving as much as $200 off per package.​​​​​​​
In addition, I offer the school free licensing of your students' images when I use your studio space.  You'll have access to world-class professional photos for use on social media, website, or posters—potentially worth thousands of dollars.
Supplementally, hosting shoots for your students is a great opportunity to book a promotional shoot for your school—costumed shots, partnering work, or select small groups, for example—all at the discounted group rate.
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