Gender-Affirming Portraits Pop-up
June 5-7 and 11-13, 2024
No matter your gender identity or expression, you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.  That's why this June, I'm offering a safe, inclusive, affirming space to capture your essence—exactly the way you want to be perceived.
Feeling femme?  More masc?  Somewhere in-between?  Neither?  Wanna show off the drag persona?  No matter the purpose, I want to help you build confidence in your identity, or even discover more about who you can be.

On June 5-7 and 11-13, gender-affirming portraits and headshots will be 40% OFF in celebration of the queer community—redeem coupon code PRIDE2024 at the booking link below.  Information on portrait packages can be found here.  Sessions take place at my studio in Tribeca, address given upon booking.

This deal can include full-body movement or dance shots for performers who would like their presentation affirmed.  Financial sliding scale is available for those who need it—inquire here.
Ready to take the next step?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I look forward to working with you!